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Yes it is impressive that this young boy invented this method of detouring lions. And yes, I am a TEDx fan and think this is worth sharing!

MORE SO...I am struck by the metaphor in this illustration that LIGHT in MOTION can create harmony, civility and peace in the midst of the most naturally opposed environments. Light in Motion comes between predator and prey!

If you listen closely during his interview, the unintentional consequence of this boys invention was the safety and preservation of BOTH the cattle and the lions. How often do we unlock solutions that actually remedy our problem or circumstance without exterminating the threat? Have we become so threat focused that we inadvertently loose the ability to focus only on the solution as its own solvent outcome?

HIS focus was not to eliminate the lions. There was a respect for their existence and roll. His focus was exclusively set on safety of the children and cattle yet all 3 benefited from the solution.

There is plenty of tension and carnage in the World around us! It is easy to view that which we LOVE as the herd (prey) and that which WE oppose as something to hate (the predator). Regardless of our perspective, whether the carnage of prey or predator, at some point we all are diminished by the "Carnage"...Period.

Carnage and Pain have been champions of fear and hatred. Equally, fear and hatred stiffle our ability to explore Truth and Harmony. Society has adopted a position of preservation by extermination, not abundance through solution.

Creativity, ingenuity, collaboration, and the privilege of trial and error are DIMINISHED by frustration, discontent, apathy, skepticism, fear and hate.

This young boy took discarded parts and pieces from the community around him and repurposed them to effect change! Trash became inventory while his view of the darkness also was remade. Darkness became a necessity and welcomed partner to his innovation. I can only imagine him building with anxiety as he watched the sun descend on the horizon. Not anxious about his foes...anxious to see his remedy at work.

What darkness are you anxious about? What creative solution have you lost amidst the snares of you enemy?

Darkness is essential for light to shine brightest, so we can not fear the dark around us. We share a responsibility to find a common commitment to eliminate the carnage. It is through a commitment to end the carnage that we can also find a commonality of purpose, creativity and community. Only then can we see those that oppose us as they are. A necessary and natural part of an extended environment powerless on the outside.

What can we accomplish by focusing on the solution vs the threat? Are there enough of us using the parts and pieces, the common, the discarded? Can we accept the inevitability of darkness...anticipate the amplification of light... expect the best in all of us?

...And then share it through others.

Those who seek darkness are also terrified and confused by Light!

It is one thing to shine where you are. It is everything to set it in motion!

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