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Thank you for making it this far!

Thank you for making it this far! The thought that you are actually taking time to investigate this Project is both humbling and intriguing to me. What brought you to this page? What answers are you looking for? What insights can you provide? Where are you reading this right now? How did you find me? Will you even finish this page?

Over the years, I have leveraged one-on-one discussions, work shops, social media and the stage to illuminate stories of others and how they inspire all of us. As it goes, the Big DREAM Project is evolving as more and more people challenge me to go beyond the stories of others. To reveal the "Why" of my personal journey & pursuit of unleashing our greatest potential.

So now we begin one of the most revealing and passion driven Projects I have ever embarked on. This Project embodies discovery through questions, reflection, triumph, failure, humor and pain. I call it a Project, because I don't know if it will ever be complete!

I believe we ALL can be commonly extraordinary in every way. The brilliance of why we were created IS evident all around, IF we care to see it. To engage the world around us is the greatest show! The price of admission is paid with the currency of drive, curiosity, wisdom & hope!

You are getting a front row seat to an ordinary man's thoughtful commentary on what he observes and what he has experienced. A willing participant in exploring the human existence as it is being reconciled though personal events, relationship, people groups, communities and cultures.

I often find myself lost in observation and thought. When I say lost, I genuinely mean that Life consistently drives me to explore, what I consider, rabbit holes of catalytic thought. Some, I have been able to map out and playfully revisit with humor and familiarity. Others, seem endless, winding, treacherous and in some cases, dark and obscure. But Light can still be found. Even when we can’t see it, I have found, others can when they stand outside of our fixed perspective.

So I invite you to resist engaging from a “fixed” perspective. Move with the observations. Examine the thoughts with me. Don’t surrender your experiences and opinions. On the contrary…use them as anchor points or baselines for you to engage from. Who knows where the rabbit holes might intersect?

All of us have stories. Stories of inspiration, failure, blessings, tragedies, adventure & moments of complacency . What happens when we share stories with to-be-determined conclusions? Can we find beauty in the incomplete?

For me....I am simply seeing where this goes…

Are you still with me?- K

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