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Sky limited...

Here's a perspective...

Yes, it is 1:53 in the morning and I am struck by this thought.

Many people talk big about all the things they would like to, will do, or think their life should look like. With the very next breath they list the number of things that stand in the way of everything they DREAM about.

Sure we all have different pressures, expectations and responsibilities that weigh on us. The "gravity of life" can pull on us, but we also find an ironic complacency in accepting its attraction? Is it really Life that pulls on us?

There is something in all of us that will succumb to fear in the face opportunity if we refuse to call it what it is. We hide behind lots of comfortable justifications as if we are unaware that delay is the thief of opportunity. Submission is rarely concious, but always voluntary. It is our choice to take on the weight of fear that inhibits our ability to RISE?

Do you know what it is for you? What weighs you down?

Without a doubt, the answer to this difficult question could challenge you to be more honest with yourself than you have been in a long time. Not right. Not wrong...just honest.

The answer could bring great fulfillment and purpose for your future. It could also make you feel vulnerable...conflicted as you wrestle with the dreams for your life juxtaposed against the condition of your current circumstances.

So let me propose a practical question to gauge your general perspective.

If Gravity were to suddenly go away...

Would you anxiously look for something to hold on to?


Would you anxiously wonder how high you could fly?

No wrong...just be honest with yourself?

The honesty could change the trajectory of your life! DREAM Bigggger!!

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